Develop and implement the leadership development Programme for Water and Wastewater (NDWM)

  • Nile Delta Water Management Programme

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NDWM adopts a comprehensive approach including both sub-sectors, water supply and wastewater management as well as irrigated agriculture. Benefitting from several decades of experience in these sectors, the NDWM combines the upscaling of successful approaches from previous phases with the development of innovative measures, based on identified needs by the partner institutions and target groups.

The overall objective of NDWM Programme is to improve the framework conditions for an efficient use of water in water supply and wastewater management as well as in irrigated agriculture in the Nile Delta.

In the water supply and wastewater sub-sector, NDWM shall support the MoHUUC represented by the HCWW and its ACs to reduce water loss and increase water use efficiency through measures at national and regional level.

Capacity development and human resources development activities are at the cornerstone of the project’s activities.

Processing of personal data is not relevant for project implementation and the Contractor shall be obliged to comply with anonymized data processing principles.

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Tender Documnets
  • Project: Nile Delta Water Management Programme
  • Project Code: NDWM
  • Reference: 19.2006.5-001.00/ 83419700 (NDWM)
  • Published: 21 st of Sep, 2022
  • Closing Date: 22 nd of Oct, 2022
  • Closing Time: 15:00 hrs Cairo Local Time