GIZ Advisor for Energy Efficiency Policy and Implementation in the "Egyptian-German Joint Committee on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection" (JCEE)

  • Nasr City, Cairo Full Time

Job Description

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH“

(German Development Cooperation)

Egyptian-German Joint Committee on Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection (JCEE) 

Project No. 14.2187.4-001.00

Job Vacancy Announcement for the position of "Advisor for Energy Efficiency Policy and Implementation"

Starting date: 15th November, 2017

Duration of Contract: 1 year, subject to renewal

About GIZ

The wide range of services offered by the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH are based on a wealth of regional and technical expertise and on tried and tested management know-how. We are a German federal enterprise and offer workable, sustainable and effective solutions in political, economic and social change processes.

Most of our work is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). However, GIZ also operates on behalf of other German ministries and public and private bodies in Germany and abroad. These include governments of other countries, the European Commission, the United Nations and the World Bank. We are equally committed to helping our clients in the private sector attain their goals.

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About GIZ Egypt

Since 1956 GIZ has been present in Egypt implementing projects on behalf of the German government. We thus contribute to the economic and social stabilisation of the country. GIZ Egypt currently employs around 200 national and 50 international experts.

Our projects in cooperation with the Egyptian government focus on the areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency, sustainable economic development for employment, water supply and sanitation, irrigation and waste management, youth, women and families and urban development.

The GIZ Office Cairo supports the implementation of projects by providing logistic, financial, procurement and personnel services.

To examine Egypt’s projects’ portfolio, please visit us on


About the “Egyptian-German Joint Committee for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection (JCEE)”

The Egyptian-German Joint Committee for Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency and Environmental Protection – JCEE – is providing a platform for a cross-sectoral policy dialogue in the thematic focal areas Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Institutional Transformation, Awareness and Climate Change. The committee works with a diversity of stakeholders in Egypt, most of them being ministries or other governmental bodies, e.g. the Egyptian Electric Utility and Consumer Protection Regulatory Agency (EgyptERA), the Ministry for Electricity and Renewable Energy (MoERE), the New and Renewable Energy Authority (NREA) and the Egyptian Environmental Affairs Agency (EEAA).

JCEE aims to strengthen its partner institutions via comprehensive capacity development measures, educational initiatives, and technology transfer while also providing policy advice. One of its tasks herein is to support our partners in the development of advanced climate change expertise and knowledge.

Salary band 4
Professional 4T

Advisor for Energy Efficiency Policy and Implementation

Reports to:

Head of project


Senior Advisor


A.   Responsibilities

The Advisor is

  • managing the project’s portfolio of topics mainly in working area “Energy Efficiency”
  • assisting project initiatives to provide professional advisory services to and cooperate with a range of target groups
  • contributing to innovation and knowledge management

B.   Tasks

1.    Advising the partner institution(s)

The Advisor

  • delivers first-hand knowledge and expertise in the areas of a) energy efficiency policies, b) energy efficiency programs on national and sub-national level; both in the fields of private consumers and industrial consumers
  • develops energy efficiency programs and projects together with the partners
  • assists and monitors the development and implementation of project plans and activities in close consultation with partner institution
  • designs, prepares and implements workshops, capacity building and other events on issues connected with the project’s work-plan in the field of energy efficiency
  • develops project quality assurance measures and supports in their implementation, suggesting necessary changes and improvements on various levels
  • identifies capacity building needs and develops strategies to build up capacities


2.   Knowledge management, networking and cooperation

The Advisor

  • compiles relevant information to be shared with the main stakeholders of the project
  • ensures the fruitful exchange between the project and its cooperation partners
  • supports cooperation, regular contact and dialogue between the project partners, relevant organisations and non-governmental stakeholders and with other projects
  • develops strategies and technical concepts, including guidelines, manuals and procedures
  • draws up reports and presentation documents
  • prepares appropriate input for various project reports including annual reports and outreach material


3.   Coordination tasks

The Advisor

  • assists with general project planning and develops project concepts including preparation, organisation and moderation of planning exercises and their implementation, management, monitoring, quality management, evaluation, communication and documentation
  • coordinates relevant project activities at local level in consultation with the head of project and in cooperation with the partners, both as regards implementation and preparing organisational aspects
  • coordinates external consultants, including preparation of terms of reference, contract negotiations, communication with GIZ procurement unit, as well as deliverables of consultants, quality assurance and reportin

4.   Other duties and tasks

The Advisor

  • performs other duties and tasks at request of management

C.   Required qualifications, competences and experience


  • Master/MSc in an area that is related to energy efficiency, policy or public administration
  • Recognized expertise in at least two of the following fields: a) energy efficiency policy, b) development of energy efficiency programs on national or sub-national level, c) implementation of energy efficiency measures in private households or industry
  • Demonstrated organizational and project management skills
  • Native language speaker Arabic and excellent English language skills (both spoken and written)
  • Ability to provide substantive, clear and concise written contributions to reports and materials developed in the project;
  • Understanding of the Egyptian government structure and governance of the country, especially in the area of sustainable development;
  • Strategic thinking: ability to anticipate long-term implications of approaches, decisions and actions
  • Ability to communicate and to relate with people of diverse cultures and at all levels of a hierarchical organization and to constructively cooperate with colleagues
  • Ability to transmit knowledge in a user-oriented way
  • Results- and performance-oriented

Professional experience:

  • At least 5 years professional experience in a comparable position; internships do not count under these at least 5 years, see information below.


D.      Other knowledge, additional competences

  • Very good working knowledge of ICT technologies and computer applications (e.g. MS Office).
  • Willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management.
  • Flexible and innovative thinker.
  • Ability to organize, to work independently and to meet deadlines.
  • Skills in defining problems, collecting data and processing information.
  • Willingness to travel (abroad) occasionally.

E.   Submission of Application 

§  Interested candidates shall submit their application in English by e-mail to by maximum the 11th of October, 2017.

§  Do NOT apply if you do not have at least 5 years work experience. The term work experience excludes internships during study at a university or during other educational courses.

§  The application is to include a cover letter, an updated CV, the additional job information sheet (see below), an indication of the earliest date of availability and contact details (at least mobile/phone no. and e-mail address).

§  The following information has to be handed in on a separate sheet. Describe whether or not you have professional experience in these three fields already and use a maximum of 10 lines per field:

§  Field 1: Energy efficiency policy

§  Field 2: Energy efficiency program/project development

§  Field 3: Implementation of energy efficiency measures

§  Only applications mentioning the position title (Advisor Energy Efficiency Policy & Implementation- JCEE) in the subject field of the email will be considered.

§  The project’s location is in Madinat Nasr, Cairo.

§  The contract duration is 12 months, subject to renewal.

§  The position can be filled by the 15th of November 2017.

§  The position is for candidates with Egyptian Nationality and holders of Egyptian work permits only.