GIZ Administrative Assistant-Alexandria in the "Enhancement of the Egyptian Dual System Project" and the "Employment Promotion Project" (EEDS/EPP)

  • Alexandria, Egypt Full Time

Job Description

The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmBH

(German Development Cooperation)

Enhancement of the Egyptian Dual System (EEDS) Project

Project No. 15.2156.6-001.00


Employment Promotion Project (EPP)

Project No. 14.2183.3-001.00

Vacancy Announcement for the position of Administrative Assistant - Alexandria

Starting date: Preferably by 17th September, 2017

Duration of contract: 1 year, subject to renewal

About GIZ

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Most of our work is commissioned by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ). However, GIZ also operates on behalf of other German ministries and public and private bodies in Germany and abroad. These include governments of other countries, the European Commission, the United Nations and the World Bank. We are equally committed to helping our clients in the private sector attain their goals.

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About GIZ Egypt

Since 1956 GIZ has been present in Egypt implementing projects on behalf of the German government. We thus contribute to the economic and social stabilisation of the country. GIZ Egypt currently employs around 210 national and 50 international experts.

Our programmes in cooperation with the Egyptian government focus on the areas of renewable energies and energy efficiency, sustainable economic development for employment, water supply and sanitation, irrigation and waste management, youth, women and families and urban development. To examine Egypts projects’ portfolio, please visit us on

About the two Projects

The vacancy announcement with this post is for two projects that work closely together: The Enhancement of the Dual System Project and the Employment Promotion Project. Both projects are part of the larger Focal Area “Sustainable Economic Development for Employment”.

The GIZ's project "Enhancement of the Dual System" has the objective to increase the capacities in the Dual System while enhancing the quality of the teaching/training process. The project builds on the experiences and successes of MKI-DS (1994-2007) and EPP I (2011-2015). The foreseen term of the programme is 4 years and 7 months (from December 2015 to June 2020). EEDS operates in Greater Cairo, Aswan, Menoufia, Sharqia, Alexandria and Beni Suef.

EEDS aims at improving the Egyptian Dual System, through engaging in four components: In component 1, “Organization of the Egyptian Dual System”, the project advises the Ministry for Education (MoE) especially the Technical Education Sector as well as representatives of the private sector on the governance structures and regulatory framework of the Dual System in Egypt. Component 2, “Increasing the quality and quantity of the Egyptian Dual System” focuses on enhancing the quality of the learning process in the Dual System as well as the growth of the system. Component 3, “Further training of vocational training staff”, will focus on the development of competences of training staff in the public and the private sector. Component 4, "Inter-company training" aims to test inter-company training as a systemic element within the Egyptian Dual System.

The GIZ’s Employment Promotion Project (EPP II) has the objective that: technical and vocational education students and unemployed youth are better prepared for the demands of the labour market. The project builds on the experiences and successes of EPP I (2011-2015). The foreseen term of the project is 4 years and 6 months (from January 2016 to June 2020). EPP II operates nationwide.

EPP II aims at improving the preparation of Egyptian technical and vocational education students and unemployed young people for the labour market through engaging in four major components: In Component 1, “Evidence-based Policy-making”, the programme advises the Ministry for Education (MoE) especially the Technical Education Sector on planning evidence-based technical and vocational education and training and labour market policies and develop capacities in selected departments. Component 2, “Regional Labour Market Information and Active Labour Market Programme Implementation” focuses on the generation and usage of regional labour market information to develop and implement active labor market programmes. Component 3, “Transition to Employment”, institutionalises advisory and information services for youth in the field of career guidance, entrepreneurship education and placement services. Component 4, “Image of TVET”, aims at countering cultural and social prejudices against TVET by implementing skills and school competitions and publicizing success stories.


Salary band 2 –

Assistant 2A

Administrative Assistant

Reports to:

Administrative Team Coordinator for EEDS/EPP cluster projects




A.    Responsibilities

The Administrative Assistant is responsible for

§  ensuring that the secretariat runs smoothly and rooms are tidy and equipment functioning

§  managing the support staff at the project office in Alexandria

§  ensuring good communication and flow of information with the administrative team of the projects and with the GIZ office (in Cairo)

§  filing documents in reference files or in DMS in line with GIZ’s filing rules

§  ensuring that financial and administrative regulations are complied with


The Administrative Assistant performs the following tasks

 B.   Tasks

1.    Secretariat work and services

The Administrative Assistant

§  manages incoming and outgoing correspondence and answers, reviews, forwards or takes calls

§  replies to and looks after correspondence (replies)

§  helps organise events and document meetings, workshops and seminars within or outside the project


2.    Office coordination, office management and general coordination

The Administrative Assistant

§  maintains meeting room schedules and equipment at the project office

§  manages all issues related to the project office and supports the technical team in Alexandria

§  regularly draws up a list of forthcoming meetings and events

§  reports damage/defects in office furnishings and equipment to project management and organises and follows up on maintenance and repair


3.   Administration and knowledge management

The Administrative Assistant

§  creates an address file with important contact addresses and maintains this

§  helps create and maintain a filing system for the project, treats information confidentially, specifically in the areas of personnel and finance


4.     Finance and accounting

The Administrative Assistant

§  helps monitor expenses in accordance with the budget for the project office

§  is responsible for petty cash management, such as cash withdrawals, keeping the cashbook, preparing and entering vouchers according to GIZ rules and regulations

§  supports the cashbook balance for the EEDS project


5.   General tasks

The Administrative Assistant

§  ensures that visitors (guests, counterparts, project staff or consultants) are comfortable by offering newspapers, refreshments

§  organises and coordinates project support staff and works well with them


6.   Other duties/additional tasks

The Administrative Assistant

§  performs other duties and tasks at the request of management


C.    Required qualifications, competences and experience


§  Secondary school education

§  Certificate/diploma or similar qualification from a recognised technical college (or Dual System graduate in a commercial field)

Professional experience

§  At least 1-3 years’ professional experience in a comparable position

 Other knowledge, additional competences

§  very good working knowledge of ICT technologies (related software, phone, fax, email, the internet) and computer applications (e.g. MS Office)

§  very good knowledge of English language, ideally a knowledge of German

§  good management and organisational skills

§  customer and service-oriented attitude

§  willingness to upskill as required by the tasks to be performed – corresponding measures are agreed with management


D.    Application procedure

§  Kindly send your applications in English by e-mail to by maximum Thursday, the 17th of August, 2017. The application should include a motivation letter and an updated CV.

§  Only e-mail applications mentioning the subject title “Admin Assistant Alexandria EEDS/EPP – your name”   (e.g.: Admin Assistant Alexandria EEDS/EPP – John Doe”) will be considered

§  The position can be filled as soon as possible, preferably by the 17th of September, 2017.

§  The work location will be Alexandria with monthly visits to EPP office Downtown Cairo.

§  The position is for candidates with Egyptian Nationality and holders of Egyptian work permits only.